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    October 31, 2012
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it's on. let's roll. .
san francisco at the center of the baseball universe not an exaggeration, giants will be honored for their world series win with a big parade lieu the city and ceremonies at civic center plaza. >> a live look now at civic center plaza, preparations still underway right now drizzle, moist, humid, if you will no organized areas of rain just drizzle not even enough to be measurable enough to coat the ground. fog not a problem this morning except for the coast 1 1/2 mile visibility at half moon bay the rest of us cloudy. at 10:00 the drizzle is over, mostly cloudy downtown san francisco 59°, a little sun breaks through at 11:00,
mostly cloudy and breezy around 10 -- around 1:00, 63, breezy, mostly cloudy, dry at 2:00, 66. last minute preparations for today's parade are underway now. the city ready to give the world series champion giants a giant thank you who can forget this scene giants coming home monday the crowds of fans at at&t park with that world series trophy in hand, sandoval will be one of the speakers today. amy hollyfield is live at the plaza it looks busy even at 5 o'clock in the morning. >> reporter: you would think it was noon. there are people everywhere and they aren't stopping they are like sharks constantly moving trying to get this place pulled together. it looks completely different.
do you see the fant walking in? people are already staking out their spot so they can see the world series champions today, as they take the stage. i talked to a couple of fans. i met a man who got here at 4:00 yesterday afternoon. here's video from 2010 to give you a sense of what this place is going to look like in a few hours. standing room only not even a good description if you fan a place to stand you are -- if you find a place to stand, you are doing well. i don't know how you can squeeze any more humanity into this plaza giants fans are known to try thinking to get close to their team. they changed this place a little from last year. there will be an extra jumbo screen, extra speakers further from the stage. if you can't see the stage, you will still be able to see the players on a screen. here's a tentative schedule:
parade starts at 11 they think about an hour and hey half to get the cars down market, party starts in civic center plaza 12:30 when the speakers will start, you are going to hear if the mayor, team executives and -- hear from the mayor, team executives and of course the players. sandoval will probably bring in place to a noise level we never heard before. he how long will it last? they are predicting 2:00, plan accordingly, get in front of the tv or come out and brave these crowds. they are getting ready here they say the city is ready for this. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. similar scene over market where crews are racing to complete floats. fans are getting an early start there. let's check in with terry mcsweeney at the staging area where you got the scoop from the company putting on the
parade. >> reporter: yeah, these are not only giants fans for the most part there's one a's fan amongst them. these guys work with hartman studios out of richmond, california they put in whole parade on. your job is what? >> decorating cable cars for giants. we are doing the staging at civic center. we have a lot of groups out there. >> reporter: when you say decorating cable cars are you like an artist? >> putting on balloons, [ unintelligible ] some banners. >> reporter: are you going to meet players? >> we should. >> reporter: who are you looking forward to meet? >> everybody, the whole team. >> reporter: the folks from hartman studios out of richmond, california. getting ready for the big
parade. i'm terry mcsweeney back to you. getting ready cause here we come. a lot of people are coming into the city about a million if you are one the best advice is use mass transit. >> sue has the latest on the service -- >> parking is going to be at a premium if you work in the area south of market, mass transit would be a great way to get around, delivery people it is going to be a nightmare until the parade is over closed market up to civic center plaza, mission 'em and beale, stewart, spear and main -- between howard and market closed staging area where terry mcsweeney was reporting from. avoid that area if possible. here's mass transit extra trains from bart they got real busy last parade many ferries, muni extra buses and caltrain
extra service on the peninsula. we are going to give you another look at , giants victory parade gets underway in hours. already a handful of people sitting on holding chairs at the start of the parade route. this is market and stewart streets, you can see people walking around, you can see a lot of workers out there. if you are heading out there the parade is scheduled to begin at 11 a.m., at that spot at the foot of market by justin herman plaza then straight up market to where the party ends and where you will hear the speeches sat civic center plaza. only high -- high school marching band to take part in the last parade has that honor again this morning. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> the band got in a last minute rehearsal. they were in the 2010 parade. the band will be the second
unit out leading the parade behind the san francisco police mounted unit. the uc hastings college of law has decided to close up shop, no classes, no library access hastings is two blocks from city hall by the parade route officials said the closure is the closure is for public safety concerns. >> watch the parade live here starts at 11. we are streaming it live on and our ipad app. we want to see your giants' pride. viewers are sharing pictures like this.
>> send your fan photos at ureport or share them with us on our facebook page. [ unintelligible ] it wasn't the world series bet but a national restaurant chain still had to pay up for what a giant did on a playing field. excited fans lined up outside taco bell in redwood city to claim a tree to be kaye -- free tack -- [ unintelligible ] >> [ unintelligible ] [ unintelligible ] [ unintelligible ] [ unintelligible ] [ unintelligible ] [ unintelligible ]
[ unintelligible ] [ unintelligible ] [ unintelligible ] >> the only question mark is the weather. >> let's talk about the weather. interesting this morning. spooky a little as we have drizzle and that is coating the ground not enough to be measurable. let's talk about halloween, 5:00 rain in the north bay mid to upper 60s rain will stay in the north bay increasingly intense during the 6:00 hour, low to upper 70s, start moving into the heart of the bay by 7:00, a few sprinkles possible south bay by 8:00, heavier rain after the 8:00 hour, more like 9:00, 10:00, mainly 60s throughout the evening. bull comma-shape, mature system moisture, deeper moisture, blues, greens, heading nor north going to get the tail end of this system and that's why we are going to
have the heaviest rain in the north bay and taper as it heads to the south bay. foggy and drizzle through 9:00 today, mostly cloudy at noon, rain in the north bay 4:00, rain into the rest of the bay by 7:00 to 9:00. next three days, wet tomorrow and dry friday, saturday. bay bridge toll metering lights off traffic very light into san francisco upper deck no issues to speak of couple problems on the roadways northbound 880 at wynton reports of accident police on scene blocking right lane westbound 80 carquinez bridge right lane blocked with accident first reports of an accident eastbound 24 towards the caldecott tunnel of an overturned pick-up truck in the right lane. if you are headed out now here's your drive times, 580 up and over the altamont good, highway 4 bunching up out of antioch, east shore freeway under 20 minutes from the carquinez bridge into the maze.
5:11. next san jose man caught on video taking down campaign signs of his by's opponent. four billion dollar deal bringing star -- "star wars" into the disney family. >> first, another live look at market and stewart the starting place for today's giants parade which you can watchly here on abc7 at 11 a.m. or on
golden gate bridge wet this morning drizzle making for slick streets will last through the morning commute by 9:00 it will start to dre more concerned with tomorrow's morning commute more wetness on the roads as rain will fall through the overnight hours. 5:15. live now to in new york city, you see the crane still dangling from that highrise building that was blown over by superstorm sandy. officials trying to figure out a way to bring that crane down safely. workers and residents in the area have been evacuated that is one cleanup job still left in the aftermath of the storm. at least 50 deaths are an tributed to the storm. more than eight million
without power. new york authorities say it could be days before the subway system is pumped dry and service fully restored, hopefully tomorrow but it could be longer. two of new york's three major airports reopened today, laguardia will remain closed due to flooding wall street does reopen using back-up generators for the first time with mayor bloomberg plan fog ring the opening bell. >> with the power out crime has become an increasing concern in new york city looting has occurred from the bronx to brooklyn and the famous coney island thieves have taken what sandy didn't destroy. the storm broken open security gates allowing looters to get access to damaged businesses. merchants say they lost cash and merchandise. police have made a few arrests some of the city's wealthier neighborhoods have hired private security guards. back here new allegations in expensive city council race in san jose. the campaign comes as councilmember herrera has
supported pension reform and police and fire unions want her defeated. this video shows what appears to be the husband of herrera taking down a campaign sign of his wife's opponent. political consult for the police officer's union fighting her reelection released the video activity scenes the slashed signs of the other candidate have been turning up in trash cans. >> no good reason to be dumping signs after midnight in a secluded park. >> i was tired of seeing these things put up where there was no permission, where it was clearly illegal. >> political consultant says they caught him a second time midnight monday there was a confrontation with each claiming the other for assault herrera is standing by her husband and calls the video a set-up. investigation may get to the bottom of the accusations probably not before tuesday's
election. no longer darth vader vs. mickey mouse they are working for the same boss. walt disney company will pay more than four billion dollars for lucasfilm. george lucas says he had been thinking about selling his company for the past four years and was intent on having it go to disney. he refused to shop it around. >> now we have somebody that will help us go into the future in a way that we can never dream. >> disney has the unique ability to grow strong brands, expand fantastic creative content as we've proven with our successful accusations of pixar and marvel. >> the deal brings lucasfilm with a plan to preserve and expand "star wars" franchise an he did vii is in the works.
>> -- an episode vii is in the works. >> mickey, i am your father. may the force be with us for the giants parade. >> those of watching at home -- let's show what is going on, damp this morning at 5:19 as we look at the embarcadero center from our roof cam drizzle for the morning commute through 9:00, maybe 10:00 brief break of drier weather before the rain rolls in. drizzle and cloud cover and temperatures mild in the mid to upper 50s even 61 mountain view head down to the monterey bay mid 50s as you head inland. morning drizzle, afternoon and evening rain. light steady rain overnight
bigger issues with slick streets tomorrow morning than this morning many dry and warmer friday and through the weekend. here's a look at the cold front as it is moving slowly towards california you can see a bow as the high pressure holding steady. drizzle from 5:00 this morning through 9:00, maybe 10:00 north bay, it looks like the steadier rain going to start moving in around 2:00, through the 6:00 hour you will need an umbrella, up in the north bay. after the sun sets at 6:11 the rest of us develop drizzle rain will spread from north to south from 7:00 to about 9:00. i think it will reap south bay, rain still lingering for tomorrow's morning commute, scattered showers into the afternoon. once we get to the sunset tomorrow, it is all over. rainfall amounts will be least down this sit bay, up to a third of an inch, half an inch
in the east bay also peninsula, inch north bay, 1 1/2 inches in the north bay mountains. temperatures today are going to be a little cooler than average from near 60 along the coast, mid to upper 60s for the rest of us. tomorrow like today, increase in temperatures with extra sunshine friday. set your clocks back an hour saturday night, daylight savings end many change your batteries in smoke detectors. have a great day. san mateo bridge westbound roadwork picked up busier towards foster city eastbound roadwork due to be picked up 6:00 this morning, still a good drive towards hayward. northbound 880 at wynton accident cleared, chp on the scene. westbound 80 carquinez bridge accident cleared if you are headed westbound.
serious problem eastbound 24, fortunately the noncommute direction but over turned pick up two rate lanes blocked that could be a nasty situation we'll be watching that. south 280 near 101 stall right lane if you have to drive to san francisco be aware take a look at the waze app we have parade, market will not be available, shutdown, the traffic app is a great way to maneuver around the problems, there it is. download it free on the app store or google play that's market right now in san francisco, looks good avoid the area take mass transit. we'll say that many more times for good reason. another look at the fans live at civic center plaza getting ready for the start of the
parade balloons are up. parade begins 11:00 this morning. watch it live here on abc 7 or streamed live on or our ipad app.
"and what's your name?" "oh, it's flo." "and what do you do?" "oh, i sell insurance like no one else." "oh, that's nice." "thank you." now, that's progressive. call or click today. roof cam picture embarcadero where a little slick because of drizzle fog nonexistent away from the coast. 5:25. hurricane sandy kept millions of americans indoors. however, it did not keep many of them from watching tv and
movies. netflix reported 20% up crease in video streaming from sunday to monday viewership doubled on the east coast. "dancing with the stars" shocker one of the front-runners is going home. sabrina bryant and her partner were voted off last night after getting the highest scores in the past two weeks. leading couple had the judges raving, unfortunately they didn't get enough fan votes, ending their run. they will be live on "good morning america" coming up at 7:00. get ready for a giant-sized victory parade and party as the bay area pays tributes to the world series champs. you are looking at civic center plaza where the parade will wind up and players will spea
good morning the big day here giants parade a million expected in san francisco thanks for join us i'm kristen sze. i'm eric thomas. crews are putting the finishing touches on the parade honoring the giants. fans lining up at market and stewart, the parade didn't start for another 5 1/2 hours. >> they are turning it into a ballpark, having hot dogs,
let's check in with mike those folks are staying dry now albeit a little cold hopefully it will stay that way. >> i wonder if anybody has garlic fries? good morning we have a little drizzle, a little mist, very moist this morning, live doppler 7 hd showing mainly cloudy conditions until you get to the coast where the thickest fog is now, 3/4 mile visibility at half moon bay rest of us doing okay, you are going to run into slick streets and dampness through at least 9:00 mostly cloudy at 10 and 59° partly sunny 11, 61, breezy by 1:00, 63, 66 by 2:00, no rain in the giants parade forecast. giants fans are counting the hours before the start of the parade. hearing from the players and
one massive party is what want there may be no better place than civic center plaza. >> reporter: what was i thinking? i knew giants' fans would come out early, but i underestimated them. i met a man who got here 4:00 yesterday afternoon. i had no idea. check out this video of them, full of energy this morning. oh my gosh. they still have six or seven hours to go until they see a player. it is pretty wet out here. they don't care. they are ready to stand in the same spot for the next several hours and they say they are going to stay until the very end. >> not miserable this is amazing being out here with the die-hard fans, i was in the same spot in 2010, the exact spot here i can't wait for parade it is going to be worth every second having a good time with everyone. >> reporter: here are the
players who they will hear speak today. they've paired up mvp's sandoval and scutaro. then starting pitchers vogelsong and zito. outfielders pagan and pend will speak and close it out with cain, posey and romo. organizers say, they expect to hear the stories from the players about being giants and that's what they are excited about, even the work crews. i want to show you before we get off, look at this huge team of security officers that security is going to be a huge priority they want this to be a safe family-friend event in case you needed proof there are the security officers arriving here to get into place and make sure this is going to be safe. civic center plaza expected to kickoff 12:30 once the parade makes it here that time could
change that's the estimate at this point. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. we continue our team coverage with katie marzullo who is live at the start of the parade market and stewart. i bet there are fans out there as well. >> reporter: there certainly are. for folks who are home watching this warm and dry, not as big a fan as the group that has assembled early this morning. if you are home you are probably doing the right thing, one man did tell me he was supposed to be heading off to work quickly. take a look at this video, got close with the superfans, they woke up at 2:30 in the morning to get these front row seats. they say they are hoping to see the players. they want to get a good seat maybe a hand shake that would make their day. they also do notncvrk believe ty -- they will be out here alone
for long. >> did the civic center two years ago, kind of -- you didn't see much. i think right here is going to be the best. >> we saw a good amount of giants fans on bart, i didn't think there would be that many, that early i would imagine maybe an hour, people are going to be filing in. >> reporter: we'll know if they do, because we are staying put. there are going to be 100 entries in this parade, players in convertibles, floats, cable cars, people walking, the players are last, the group gathered here is going to see them first they are at the tail end of the parade mvp sandoval is number 99 out of 100. let's look at parade route so you know where this is going to be heading. starting at the foot of market here at stewart, then heading straight shot up market to the civic center. one road, no detours, that is going to make it easier on
police to enforce the route. police remind folks they are going to be out in full force, zero tolerance for any troublemakers today for the giants' parade. katie marzullo, abc7 news. 5:35. what do we notice about all those reporter shots about the streets? closed. the best advice obviously, use mass transit. >> sue hall has the latest on the special service. remember last time parade bart was jammed, one of the busiest bart days ever, get early is the key, you saw folks this morning they will have extra trains for bart, extra ferries from larkspur and sausalito golden gate ferries muni will have buses if you take muni down market, that will be rerouted this morning, market will be closed up to civic center plaza, caltrain extra service from the peninsula from all parts of the bay you have extra ways to get into san francisco
closures market up to civic center plaza, mission between embarcadero and beale, stewart, spear and main streets between howard and market most of the day today, avoid that area if possible. if you have to get to work or drive for whatever reasons there's always our abc 7 exclusive traffic app to help navigate around closures, howard, fremont streets good alternates. download the app available on the app store and google play for free. 5:36. if you are thinking about playing hooky today, don't do it. public schools in san francisco won't be shutdown today. the superintendent wants to make sure students don't skip school. he sent home a letter urging parents to their kids to class. schools could take a big financial it in a lot of students stay home today or go to the parade. funding depends on the number of students in class each day.
you can watch the parade live here starting at 11. if you are at work, we are streaming it live on and on our ipad app. you won't have to worry about the streaming you are going to be in the middle of it. >> that's right i'm excited. i'm wondering if it is going to be drizzley. let's check in with mike. good morning drizzle over by 10:00 mostly cloudy, low to mid 60s during the parade. tonight the rain going to be more dominant in the trick-or-treating forecast than the parade breezy at 5:00, mid to upper 60s rain in the north bay, rain will continue to pick up intensity through 6:00 in the north and move into the bay at 7:00, start to slide into the southern sections of the bay by 8:00, more like 9:00. not everybody is going to get the steadier rain still with the infusion of moisture there could be sprinkles and drizzle
outside of heavier rain in the north bay between 5 and 7:00. right now winds are fairly light around three to five miles per hour, eight livermore, 14 fairfield, clouds are moving a little, i think winds will pick up as we head through the mid morning into the mid around as cold front comes closer. morning rain turn to showers thursday best chance of steady rain going to be during the evening overnight hours for tomorrow morning's commute. friday brighter mid 60s at the coast, mid 70s for the rest of us ii live shot now of the bay bridge toll, no -- metering lights yet, minor delay for cash paying folks. macarthur maze through emeryville 80 both directions looking good no problems here. we have a problem eastbound 24 before the caldecott tunnel
two right lanes overturned pick-up truck "sig alert" issued. avoid the area if possible, detour routes 580 or 80 east to highway 4 east bun to get around that. problems in -- in the oakland area, elsewhere, issue in san francisco cleared stall at 280 and 101, westbound 80 at carquinez bridge, accident cleared to the right shoulder. once again, avoid eastbound 24 area if possible update in a couple of minutes. >> [ inaudible ] >> police standoff in the south bay, bank robber barricaded for hours the
welcome back. a little wet drizzle overnight also fog not nearly as thick as we can see emeryville this morning. rain is on the way, timetable for that and how it will affect your trick-or-treating, in a few minutes. 5:42. standoff in santa clara between suspected bank robber and police s.w.a.t. team ended the best possible way last night with the suspect surrendering. it happened at an apartment complex starting at 3:00 yesterday afternoon. police tracked the man from
the scene of armed bank robbery in san jose to one of the apartments in the complex. s.w.a.t. team was called and they were prepared to swoop in but efforts to talk to him worked out. >> they had two-way dialogue with the suspect until he successfully and safely surrendered. >> with the suspect in custody six families who were evacuated were able to return home. contra costa county sheriff's office investigating the death of a man in their custody after he was tased. sky 7 hd flew over the scene at the martine ned detention facility yesterday. the death forced officials to close the jail for five hours. deputies were taking a 58-year-old man to a holding cell when they say he became combative they used a taser, medical staff checked him after the incident. a deputy phone him unresponsive he was pronounced dead at the hospital.
there will be plenty of alcohol flowing tonight, no excuse for drinking and driving. as they do every halloween, berb injury lawyers offering free cab rides this is the 9th year for the safe and sober program with rides provided in san francisco. the service is from 10:00 tonight until 3:00 in the morning. it is worth emphasizing they've been talking about, san francisco police, zero tolerance for alcohol at the giants' parade. >> folks drivinging to the parade neighboring police departments as well, -- haunted halloween for more than eight million without power in the wake of superstorm san dip. live to new york city -- sandy. live to new york city for the cleanup. shark attack.
find out what happened to the surfer riding this chewed up board. giants and fans ready to celebrate the world series victory lining up at 5:45, you are looking live at the civic center where parade will wind up folk there is gett
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welcome back. here's what is left of stan did. -- left of sandy. our rain is starting to move into northern california now, going to stay there until about the afternoon hours when it comes into the north bay 82 fresno, increasing clouds and 50 tahoe, 70s l.a. and san diego. president obama heads to new jersey today to tour some of superstorm sandy's hardest hit areas in new york the stock market and two airports are reopening. mark greenblatt joins us from lower manhattan with the latest. >> reporter: good morning in lower manhattan the power remains out. in a sign of life in a little less than 45 minutes mayor bloomberg is going to be down here ridging the opening bell on the new york stock exchange. -- ringing the opening bell on the new york stock exchange that is a big deal for folks
here. another night of lo lights and power for thousands, no clear idea of when power will be restored. new york city shutdown mass transit system will spend the next several days pumping out flooded tunnels hoping to get everything moving again. in breezy point, new york beach front community of firemen, policemen and blue collar workers are still taking stock of not only the damage but from a fire that destroyed as many as 100 homes. >> nothing i could really identify except for the kitchen tile and the bathroom tile and that's about it. >> reporter: the cause of the fire is unknown. new jersey took the brunt of sandy, coastal communities hit especially hard entire neighborhoods consumed by sand and water. >> we'll rebuild it, no question in my mind. but, for those of us who are my age, it won't be the same. >> reporter: part of atlantic city's boardwalk in ruins on the jersey shore amusement
park collapsed into the ocean finally, relief for travelers. two of new york's major airports reopened. laguardia is still flooded and won't be accepting flights any time soon. >> there is an impact on every other airport because so many people are trying to fly to new york city specifically. >> reporter: as sandy moves inland she continues to drop assortment of problems from georgia to wisconsin. in north carolina, they are expecting 14 inches of rain, in cleveland the rock and roll hall of fame scarred by the storm, waves on lake michigan churned up high enough to set records. while that bus service has resumed in new york city, there are seven subway tunnels that remain flooded nobody knows when the subways are going to be back online. mark greenblatt. still a lot of work to do this -- to do there.
>> having lived in new york, until the subways are open nothing is back to normal that's how you get to work or anywhere. meantime, i know what you are watching. >> the weather. >> absolutely. you can watch the weather too, open the weather window embarcadero still looks a little wet to drizzle overnight going to be drier through the mid-morning into the mid-afternoon hours drizzle going to hang around through 9:00, 10:00. live doppler spinning, waiting for the rain to make it here it will be the first to show us in the north and storm is coming from the northwest cloud cover right now not as much fog as yesterday, mild, mid to upper 50s, 61 in mountain view, mid 50s monterey bay and inland. today, morning drizzle for the commute, rain in the evening
overnight hours and through tomorrow morning dry and warmer for the weekend. here's what is happening to areas of high pressure we've been watching these two put up that roadblock still stubborn bulk of energy heading north now as it pushes that high out of the way you can see rain move into the north bay 1:00, 2 being steadier and heavier through 6:00, -- when the the rain comes into the heart of the bay as the sun is setting any time the sun sets temperature and dew tend to get closer easier for the rain to make it to the ground before evaporating. after the sunsets bets are off on staying dry in the south bay if we don't see rain at least here still sprinkles and possibly drizzle the same for the east bay valleys, you get your steadier rain 8:00, through the overnight hours into tomorrow morning scattered as we head towards thursday evening once the sun sets
thursday best chance of showers over the coast the rest of us starting that drying trend. half inch to an inch in the north bay, up to an inch and a mav if the north bay mountains. tomorrow temperatures -- about the same as today, mid to upper 60s, near 60 at the coast. drier weather friday, saturday set the clocks back before you go to bed daylight saving ends also change the batteries in your detectors. sunday through tuesday warmest weather in our forecast. pretty serious drizzle north bay you need your wipers, slick roads be careful out there southbound 101 past civic center part north san pedro road towards lincoln exit tail lights headed southbound to the golden gate bridge there's a crew reconfiguring your lanes from two to four in the southbound
direction. traffic light headed into san francisco. serious problem eastbound 24 before the caldecott tunnel overturned pick-up truck blocking two right lanes chp issued "sig alert", it is the re commute direction if you are trying to get eastbound now they are suggesting either 580 eastbound or 80 east been to eastbound highway 4. we'll follow that for you. west 580 north livermore first reports of accident in the median. 5:54. help may be on the way for homeowners hit hard by superstorm sandy. what good morning new york stock exchange open for business, -- anything but business as usual after the longest weather-related shutdown in more than a century, exchange running on generators many surrounding neighborhoods without power. subway tunnels flooded.
storm causing billions in property damage could take 25 billion dollars off u.s. economic growth in quarter the damage could mean jobs for some looking for work as the east coast starts picking up the pieces demand for construct workers will pick up resulting in more work and better pay for some. makers of roofing supplies and other companies may see a pick-up in business along with self-storage companies. total property damage could reach 40 billion dollars, spending on reconstruction can total up to 30 billion. homeowners struggling after sandy, fannie mae and freddie mac may allow some areas to skip making mortgage payments for up to a year because of storm damage. i'm jane king. for the second time in a week a california surfer has been attacked by a shark. yesterday's attack happened near eureka, leaving a 25-year-old critically
injured. look at his board, that tells the story. last week a southern california surfer was killed by a great white, the surfer in yesterday's attack is in fair condition. he owes his life to two fellow surfers one is an emergency medical tech. >> [ inaudible ] shark expert says this is the time of year when sharks move closer to shore to hunt seals and sea lions they attack from below. when surfers are attacked it is most likely a case of mistaken identity. the city of east palo alto plans to expand use of shot spotter system thanks to a new grant. the justice department and
police initiative award the city $300,000 to improve and expand the program. it allows authorities to identify and locate a gunshot through sensors triggered by is on the. east palo alto has had technology since 2009. the improved technology will be used to help the police depend's investigation and crime prevention efforts. next, our coverage of the giants' parade continues. >> here's a live look outside now at howard and stewart where -- near where the parade route begins live team coverage of the route, finish, start, all you want to know, coming up. later, we continue our coverage of superstorm sandy, the overnight fire on the jersey shore. look at this and the storm damage preventing firefighters from responding to it. >> this fire started two days ago, was out and